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Are You A Business Generating Scrap Metal in Boston, MA?

Scrap metal is a normal waste product for a wide range of Boston, MA businesses. In manufacturing, retail, or appliance services; we know that large amounts of scrap metal can accumulate quickly and it can be difficult to store or dispose of efficiently. The single best solution for scrap metal removal is to recycle it, […]

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Scrap Metal Recycling Should Be Part of Your Boston, MA Business

Scrap metal recycling should be a crucial aspect of your Boston, MA manufacturing or construction company if you generate high volumes of metal as by-products of your day-to-day operations. This article will explore why metal-generating businesses like yours should establish a scrap metal recycling program and how such a program works. Why Set Up a […]

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Ferrous Metal 101: Understanding Different Grades and Categories to Get Best Rates Possible

If you are a metal-generating business in Nashua, NH, Tombarello and Sons is ready to work with you. For businesses that generate ferrous metal in large volumes of at least 5,000 lbs, Tombarello and Sons is the right partner to recycle your scrap. We offer tailored recycling programs and can be trusted to maximize the […]

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Scrap Metal Recycling in New Hampshire Businesses

Scrap metal is a valuable resource that doesn’t need to be thrown away. If your business produces scrap metal steadily or in large quantities and you are looking for a better option than simple disposal, scrap metal recycling is the ideal solution. You can add another green business practice to your docket, increase your revenue […]

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4 Amazing Benefits of Working with a Metal Recycling Company

Businesses that deal with large amounts of scrap metal have a legal and moral obligation to clean it up and get rid of it safely. But unfortunately, many companies find it frustrating to organize and dispose of scrap metal after each operation, raising the question. Is there a better way for businesses to get rid […]

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Top 4 Benefits of Recycling Scrap Metals

Efforts to recycle paper and plastics are on the rise in a bid to preserve the environment. Did you know that metals can be recycled without losing their value? For instance, aluminum, copper, steel, and tin are recycled to make new products. Although disposing of your unwanted metal items may seem hassle-free, recycling them is […]

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Dumpster Rentals for Industrial Scrap

Do you generate metal waste from machining or similar subtractive industrial processes? Do you have large quantities of defective production parts? Do you have decommissioned on-site equipment and machinery? We pickup and pay for industrial scrap including steel, copper, aluminum, brass and more. We accept all types of industrial scrap including: Metal Turnings, Borings, Cuttings […]

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Are Aluminum & Steel Prices Dropping?

Non-Ferrous Market The aluminum market has dropped over the last week due to the tariffs the US is looking to enforce on multiple countries. According to, the reported non-ferrous prices over the week of 4/25 through 5/1 are as follows: Kitchener, Ontario*: #2/3 Mixed Copper, $1.00/lb. Rockaway, NJ: #1 Bare Bright Copper Wire, $2.72/lb. […]

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April Recycling Tip: Pinky Wire Rule

When recycling wire, we advise that you separate the different types of wire. For example, if you have bare copper wire, it’s best to keep it separate from other wires that are insulated. Moreover, when you have a good amount of insulated wire, stripping it can make you more money. We use the “pinky wire […]

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Top Reasons Why Scrapping is Eco-Friendly

Not only is scrapping great for your wallet, but there are many reasons why it’s wonderful for the environment too. Namely, scrapping helps to save energy, reduce pollution and conserve natural resources. We’ll talk about each of these benefits in turn below. Save Energy. Mining and creating new metal requires an enormous amount of energy […]

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