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Are You A Business Generating Scrap Metal in Boston, MA?

March 22, 2023

Scrap metal is a normal waste product for a wide range of Boston, MA businesses. In manufacturing, retail, or appliance services; we know that large amounts of scrap metal can accumulate quickly and it can be difficult to store or dispose of efficiently. The single best solution for scrap metal removal is to recycle it, contributing to your company’s green business practices and to the efficient use of already harvested materials.

For Boston-based businesses that occasionally or regularly generate over 5,000 lbs of scrap metal, Tombarello and Sons is ready to become your bulk scrap metal recycling partner with efficient roll-away dumpster services and quick, accurate cash payments. Call us for one-time or routine scrap metal removal and enjoy the benefits of efficient scrap metal recycling in Boston, MA.

Business Benefits of Recycling Your Scrap Metal

Why should your business switch from disposing of your scrap to bulk scrap metal recycling? There are three valuable benefits that go above and beyond simply chucking your scrap into dumpsters headed to the landfill

Green Business Practices

Every business today benefits from implementing green business practices. In addition to reducing the need for additional mining and keeping valuable metals out of the landfill, you can also list scrap metal recycling in your business practices to please investors, clients, and customers.

Profitable Disposal

We will pay you for your scrap metal. Our accurate, certified scales and sorting processes will ensure you receive additional revenue for every 5,000 lbs of metal scrap you recycle. Why dispose of what you can sell?

Efficient Scrap Storage and Removal

Tombarello and Sons provides a roll-away dumpster that you can fill with scrap metal all at once or over time. This creates a safe place to store your scrap metal on-site and a quick, easy way to have it removed.

Who We Work With

Tombarello and Sons has experience as a metal buyer working with a wide range of industries. Any business that generates scrap metal in large quantities or accumulates scrap metal over time can benefit from pur bulk scrap metal recycling services.

  • Manufacturers and Factories
    • Businesses that create scrap metal as a byproduct of your production line
  • Retail, Distribution, and Logistics Centers
    • Businesses that produce excessive scrap metal in the form of discarded packing materials and damaged equipment
  • HVAC and Appliance Services
    • Technician services that remove large appliances like HVAC and washer/dryers
  • Construction, Demolition, and Trades Contractors
    • Contractors that frequently deal with large scrap from building materials
  • Automotive Facilities
    • Automotive businesses that need to get rid of damaged panels and defunct parts

Benefits of Working With Tombarello and Sons

  1. Our Selection of Convenient Roll-Away Containers

Tombarello and Sons provides scrap-generating businesses across Boston with a full range of roll-off containers for metal collection and convenient pick-ups, including 15-yard, 20-yard, 30-yard and 40-yard dumpsters.

  1. Our Superior Customer Service

Tombarello and Sons takes pride in providing customers with great service. You will enjoy conveniences like same-day pickups and fast payments for all your scrap metal. Our certified scales and efficient bulk recycling practices also allow us to offer accurate and competitive pricing for your scrap, at a convenient minimum of 5,000 lbs per pickup.

  1. Certified Destruction of Obsolete/Excess/Proprietary Materials

For businesses who need certified destruction of obsolete or excess inventory or proprietary equipment, Tombarello and Sons can help. We can provide you with the peace of mind that your obsolete or excess inventory or proprietary equipment has been properly destroyed. In fact, it will be fully melted down and turned into something new. After the destruction, we issue a Certificate of Destruction for your records.

Whether you need a one-time pick-up or regularly scheduled destruction, we can customize a solution to meet your needs.

Recycle Your Boston Business’ Scrap Metal with Tombarello and Sons

If your business generates scrap metal fast or slow in the Boston, MA area, Tombarello and Sons can provide efficient and profitable recycling services. Choose from our selection of convenient roll-off containers and schedule rapid pick-up times to meet the scrap metal removal needs of your business. We are proud to contribute both to your efficient business practices and to the repurposing of scrap metal into new and useful materials.

Contact Tombarello and Sons to order your first scrap metal recycling dumpster today.


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