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4 Amazing Benefits of Working with a Metal Recycling Company

November 1, 2022

Businesses that deal with large amounts of scrap metal have a legal and moral obligation to clean it up and get rid of it safely. But unfortunately, many companies find it frustrating to organize and dispose of scrap metal after each operation, raising the question.

Is there a better way for businesses to get rid of unwanted metal scraps after day-to-day operations? Well, one efficient and cost-effective way is to partner with a scrap metal pickup service provider. In this guide, we look at the overall benefits an organization stands to gain by working with a metal recycling company.

Boost Productivity

How much time and effort do your employees spend organizing and cleaning up scrap waste? If there’s hauling involved, you can bet they lose a lot of time and energy they could have spent doing other productive activities. Such wasted resources negatively impact the overall company bottom line.

Any astute business person should realize that letting employees manage scrap metal adds no value to the business. Instead, leaving such work to a reliable scrap metal service provider allows the expedition of work in more useful business areas.

Keep Workers Safe

Businesses pay more than $170 million in annual liability expenses due to workplace injuries. Needless to say, companies that deal with scrap metal are at higher risk of employee workplace injuries and liability lawsuits. Injured workers might also be out for an extended period, impacting productivity.

You can save yourself from liability expenses due to scrap metal injuries and protect your workers by hiring a professional scrap hauler. They will ensure the removal of metals to a scrap recycling center is expedited for a safe work environment.


All companies must do their part to ensure a greener tomorrow, and recycling offers exactly that. Metal recycling minimizes waste disposal into the environment, including in open landfills.

More importantly, recycling reduces environmental degradation and resource usage through ore (material used to make new steel) mining. In fact, the National Institutes of Health shows that using scrap steel instead of ore minimizes water use by 40% and mining waste by 97%. Overall, recycling metal ensures you play a significant role in preserving the environment’s resources for future generations.

Peace of Mind from Numerous Costs

Hauling your own scrap metal for recycling can be an expensive affair. For starters, you’ll need a heavy-duty truck for hauling the large, bulky scrap, which could be expensive. If you don’t have one, there’s no guarantee that metal won’t fall off the vehicle you’re using and damage your or other people’s vehicles.

Remember, these materials often shift while in transit, so they can fall off and damage other motorists’ vehicles or injure pedestrians walking on the street. All these damages are charged to your insurance, which you could avoid by working with an insured professional pickup service provider.

Wider Positive Economic Impact

Recycling reduces the cost of metals such as aluminum and steel since the materials are reused and not created from scratch. What’s more, people who work at scrap recycling centers also get jobs that provide a stable income for them and their loved ones. Research by the National Institutes of Health shows that 10,000 tons of metal waste creates:

  • 1 job through incineration
  • 6 jobs via landfill disposal
  • 36 jobs through  recycling

At such a time when inflation is at its highest, the overall contribution to the economy will help America stabilize.

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