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Top Reasons Why Scrapping is Eco-Friendly

March 29, 2018

Not only is scrapping great for your wallet, but there are many reasons why it’s wonderful for the environment too. Namely, scrapping helps to save energy, reduce pollution and conserve natural resources. We’ll talk about each of these benefits in turn below.

Save Energy. Mining and creating new metal requires an enormous amount of energy as compared to recycling scrapped metal. On the whole, recycling scrap metal helps us to save on energy. In fact, statistics show that the steel industry’s annual recycling saves the equivalent energy to electrically power around 18 million homes per year. Every time a ton of steel is recycled, 2500 pounds of iron ore, 1000 pounds of coal and 40 pounds of limestone is preserved.

Reduce Pollution. Scrap metal lying in your yard can release harmful chemicals into the soil, water supply and air. Recycling metal helps to reduce the effect of these chemicals on the environment. In addition, far less pollutants are released through the process of recycling than when creating new metal.

Conserve Natural Resources. A great number of natural resources, like ore, water, coal and limestone, are used when creating new metal. By opting to recycle, we decrease the amount of resources used from the earth.

If you’re interested about learning more about scrap metal recycling services that Tombarello and Sons, Inc. offers customers, be sure to contact us today.

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