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The A B C’s of Scrap Yards

March 13, 2018

Scrap yards are frequented by those in the trade industries – including plumbers, electricians and contractors – demo companies, manufacturers, governments, and others that either work with or produce metals as a by-product of their business. Common metals brought to scrap yards include copper, steel, iron, stainless steel, brass and aluminum.

When dropping off scrap metals at a scrap yard, you get paid for the weight of the materials. The scrap yards, in turn, process the materials and send them to the mills to be turned into new metal products. The price of the metal is contingent on the weight of the material, market price of the material, and other factors.

Scrap yards tend to be located both in and near urban and suburban areas. Since scrap metal recycling predominantly relies on the trade industry, factors like population, construction and demolition are important to determining where and how many scrap yards are in operation. Scrap yards sort and weigh your materials before they determine what you’re paid for the commodities. The price you’re paid is dependent on a few factors, including market conditions.

We hope that you’ve found the information presented here helpful for learning more about what scrap yards are and how they operate. If you have any additional questions about scrap yards or would like to discuss scrap metal recycling programs, please contact us today.

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