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Copper Scrap Recycling in MA & NH

Copper is reddish in color and very valuable in the scrap metal industry. It has many applications, but is principally used by the electrical industry for wiring and other conductors, as well as for sheet roofing, statutes, bearings and to make brass.

Recycling copper saves up to 85% of the energy used in primary production. The metal recycling industry works efficiently by numerous small companies purchasing scrap material and feeding it to highly effective larger international businesses. Non-ferrous metal recycling involves sorting, baling, shearing, media separation and melting.

Non-ferrous scrap is less common and more difficult to create than ferrous metals. These factors make the demand for non-ferrous scrap higher, in turn increasing its price per pound. Pricing for non-ferrous metals like copper and brass can change greatly over short periods of time due to market changes.

If you produce copper scrap through your industrial, commercial, or demolition business, contact the experts at Tombarello and Sons Inc. to evaluate your situation. Not only will we help identify what you have, but we will be able to provide you with current pricing for the collection and sale of your non-ferrous materials.

Tombarello and Sons Inc. is a full-service scrap metal recycling company that purchases large quantities of scrap from businesses throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Maine. We provide you a cost-effective way to recycle copper. We will help you optimize your material preparation, maximize container placement and coordinate pick-up schedules at your location. Let your copper scrap go to work for you. Tombarello and Sons Inc. has the perfect size and ideal container for the job.

Call Tombarello and Sons Inc. at 978-804-7225 to recycle your copper today, including full service roll off dumpster rental, delivery and pick up service.

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